Experiencing Speak as a couple

By Speak Anglos Team on 15-Oct-2019 17:44:47

Are you thinking about applying to Speak, but would like to experience our English Immersion Programmes in Italy together with your partner? We are often asked whether this is possible and how it works as a couple, and so we asked Anglos who have joined us previously as a pair to provide more insight...

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Top Ten events not to be missed in Italy during 2019!

By Speak Anglos Team on 25-Jan-2019 17:07:01

Planning on coming to a Speak programme during 2019 or planning a visit to Italy for a holiday? Well, to help you make up your mind about where you might like to visit, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest events that will be taking place this year up and down the peninsula. Arranged in roughly chronological order, our list includes both major get-togethers on the international calendar together with less well-known happenings.

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Speak in 2017 - What A Year!

By Speak Anglos Team on 18-Jan-2018 20:29:05

2017 was an incredible year for our Speak English Immersion Programmes...

A year where unforgettable memories were made and lifelong friendships formed as we experienced the beauty and charm of Italy, bringing together Italians from every corner of Italy and Anglos from around the world.  Italians had a unique opportunity to rapidly develop their communication and confidence in English through natural conversation with our Anglos. And it all happened in a place overflowing with history, beauty and charm, where delicious cuisine and wine awaits around every corner. It’s not going too far to say that all of our lives have been enriched and the experience has given us something more than just a week of fun in Italy.

There are indeed many highlights from every location - whether its Tuscany, Puglia or Piemonte – offering something special. We’ve decided to pick a few to share with you.

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A Typical Day With Speak

By Sally Veall on 26-Jul-2017 09:16:09

What does a typical day with Speak entail? We look at 24 hours of a Speak English Language Immersion programme and at the extra activities you will enjoy.

No doubt many of you are wondering what you would be doing on a Speak programme. As Anglos, you will find your day well structured but with plenty of scope for individual expression. We take a look at a typical day with Speak:

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What is language immersion?

By Sally Veall on 21-Jun-2017 22:23:47

What is language immersion? How can you become a volunteer? What do you need to know? Do you have to speak another language? Read on...

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