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Speaks offer two types of adult Language Immersion Programme - Speak Smart and Speak Plus. Both Programmes have the same basic aim: to immerse our learners in natural, authentic English in a beautiful location. However, we fully understand that people lead busy lives and have different schedules. For this reason we offer two Programmes to suit the needs of participants - The Smart Programme last 4 days while the Plus Programme last 8 days. See below for further details of both:  

Speak Smart (4 days)

Speak Smart Programmes are intensive Language Immersion long weekends designed for those on a busy schedule. Our 4-day Smart Programmes take place in beautiful Italian locations, offer full board throughout the stay and an authentic Italian experience:

Speak Smart Locations:

Key Smart features:

Country Hotel



The ideal place for nature lovers, the Castelbarco country hotel is surrounded by 75 hectares of woodland, flora and fauna, all less than an hour from Milan, Lombardy.

Hotel Torre


Hotel Torre S. Angelo Swimming pool 3 copy

Torre San't Angelo is a castle with a panoramic pool overlooking the Tiburtini hills to the east of Rome. The local town of Tivoli is rich in history and UNESCO sites.

  • 4-day Language Immersion Programme

  • Beautiful locations for the exclusive use of Speak

  • Full board offering the best of regional Italian cuisine

  • Experience Italy through our social and cultural programme

Speak Programme dates

Speak Plus (8 days)

Speak Plus Programmes last 8 days and are designed for an even more in-depth language immersion experience. Our Plus programmes, in wonderful locations in Tuscany and Puglia also provide a cultural excursion as part of the experience:

Speak Plus Locations:

Key Plus features:


di Spineto

This unique Abbey provides 800 hectares of incredible landscape in the Val d'OrciaTuscany, blending tradition with an astonishing collection of design masterpieces.



A relaxing and peaceful Mediterranean estate, Centoporte is a white-washed oasis of lush vegetation and olive trees and is just a stone’s throw from Otranto, Puglia.
  • 8-day Language Immersion Programme

  • Beautiful locations for the exclusive use of Speak

  • Full board offering the best of regional Italian cuisine

  • Experience Italy through our social and cultural programme

Speak Programme dates

What our Anglos say about Speak:

"Speak has been an amazing experience as an Anglo. The people were lovely, the location was incredible and all I had to do was speak English for a week to stay there! Too good to be true!"

Ilona Bell

York, UK

"I don’t think I can put into words how wonderful the week was! The course is very well organized, not a dull moment! Memories that will last a life time. I can’t wait to participate in another program!"

Kristen Fragale

Ontario, Canada

"An ideal environment to learn and speak English. Speak is professionally presented with numerous activities, the program is excellent and the location is wonderful. I highly recommend Speak"

Bill Sherry

Kansas, USA

"The immersion course was challenging, full-on and totally rewarding. The Learners made great progress it was stimulating and fun in the process! I would do it all again in a heartbeat!"

Jane Holgate

Cheshire, UK