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What is the Speak experience?

We bring together native English speakers, our Anglos, from all around the world to immerse Italian learners of English in a dynamic environment of authentic, natural English conversation. Speak offers an exclusive stay in one of our beautiful locations with fantastic Italian cuisine as part of an enriching social and cultural experience you’ll never forget and all you need to do is Speak!

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Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia & Tuscany

An unforgettable experience in Italy

Speak venues each boast their own rich history and personality with first-rate facilities for the exclusive use of Speak. Located in some of Italy's most fascinating regions, our locations include a noble castle, a woodland country hotel, a historic abbey and a Mediterranean estate. Come and enjoy a beautiful stay in one of our stunning locations in the Italian countryside.

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Why be an Anglo?

Enriching social experience 

Multicultural exchange

Stunning Italian locations

Fantastic Italian cuisine

A life-changing experience! The Speak Language Immersion Programme was challenging, full-on and totally rewarding. I have made new friends for life and would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Jane Holgate, London, UK

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