Anglo Commitments & Responsibilities

The daily activities and Programme are all organised and so there is no planning or preparation required from your side. Speak staff will ensure things run smoothly and have everything in hand – you simply need to follow their guidance.

However, Anglos need to be committed to participating in the Programme and follow these basic principles which we call the "Anglo Commitments and Responsibilities":


To speak, converse, discuss, communicate – talking, in a natural way throughout the day, in English only at all times.
To offer error correction – helping our learners speak more accurately and improve their pronunciation.
To be patient, supportive and understanding  fostering a comfortable learning environment to help the Italian Learners’ confidence and fluency to grow.
To be friendly, adaptable and flexible  the schedule may sometimes change.
To be willing to actively participate  contributing to activities, discussions and language games.
To treat others with respect understanding that both learners and other Anglos come from different cultures and may hold different beliefs.
To be punctual the Programme relies on everyone being where they’re supposed to be.
To keep personal mobile and internet use for free time ensuring full engagement in the Programme.