What does Speak offer?

A social and cultural experience based on English conversation filled with days that are stimulating and fun, with no preparation on your part - just enjoy and soak up the experience. Stay in one of our stunning locations in the Italian countryside, while enjoying delicious Italian cuisine and the rare opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds. Speak provides a wonderful environment in which you can share a unique and rewarding social experience that will live long in the memory.

Language Immersion


We focus on the language skills of speaking and listening – no books, lessons or teachers. Through a series of one-to-one conversations, social time and enjoyable group activities you will be helping Italians to develop their English fluency and confidence naturally. This will be achieved by simply speaking English, every moment of the day.

Social Experience

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The Social Experience is an important part of every day of the Programme - whether enjoying a delicious meal, sharing a coffee break, going for a stroll, participating in activities during Social Time or simply taking in the surroundings. After dinner Social Time provides the opportunity to participate in fun and lively evening entertainment.

Unique locations


Speak locations each boast their own rich history and personality. They offer quality facilities, delicious Italian cuisine and wine and are located in three diverse regions of Italy. Our locations include an ancient cardinal villa in Lazio, woodland country hotel in Lombardy and Mediterranean estate in Puglia.

A Typical Day at Speak 


Our Italian Learners

The Italians joining the Speak Programme are individuals from a range of backgrounds who wish to develop their English communication skills, whether for work, developing their career opportunities, travel or simply out of personal interest.

Our Italian leaners choose to come to Speak specifically to improve their competence in speaking and listening through natural conversations with native English speakers.