What is the Anglo role?

Your role will be to participate in a programme in which we naturally and informally immerse our Italian speakers in the English language. By simply diving into conversation and discussions, an atmosphere of communication and learning is created which allows our Italian speakers to develop their fluency and for their confidence to grow.


For our Italian speakers to be immersed in the English language, our Anglos will need to:



Listen to and engage in real-life discussions


Support and encourage our Learners


Be able to offer Learners error corrections


Share stories and explore all kinds of topics


Help Learners develop confidence in English


Relax and enjoy the experience


Would I be suitable?

At Speak we aim for diversity among our Anglos – including age, nationality and experience. This ensures that our Italian speakers can enjoy talking with and learning from people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our Anglos will be engaged throughout the day in conversation and activities. So, if you are sociable, love conversing, meeting new people and can help learners to feel at ease then you are the right person to be part of the Anglo community at Speak.

It is also important that you are able to travel independently and use the internet in order to complete our online application, correspond with us and plan your trip.


Speak welcomes mother-tongue English speakers from all over the world, with a broad range of English accents.


Anglos from their 20s to their 70s have joined us on our Programmes offering diverse experiences and world-views.


From a range of backgrounds, our Anglos may be working professionals, retired or finishing their studies.

A One-to-One session during a Language Immersion Programme

Anglo Testimonials

"My time as an Anglo at the Speak course for Italians was a truly worthwhile experience in every way. The location was outstanding as was the cuisine and everyone was friendly. The students were willing to learn and exchange ideas and I came away enriched by my time with them."

Sally Veall

Blogger, Spain

"My Speak experience of working one-to-one and in discussion groups with highly motivated Italians in a beautiful setting was great fun. It also gave me many fresh insights into Italian life and culture. A really great experience!"  

Tony Holden

Retired consultant, Nottingham, UK

"Speak for me was actually my first ever time in Italy, and I couldn't have asked for a warmer welcome or more memorable experience. Delightful company and delicious cuisine with the beautiful location providing a spectacular backdrop. It was a joy from start to finish - thank you Speak!"

Hannah Berkeley

Biomedical Engineer, Auckland, NZ

"Lots of happy memories of the days spent in beautiful Puglia in a lovely masseria with excellent food and good company. Such pleasant times spent walking through the olive groves in conversation with our new Italian friends. Thank you to all at Speak."

Sheila Robinson

French Teacher, Ravenshead, UK

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