Teen Anglos

12-17 years

Teen Anglos

12-16 years

The Experience

Our Teen Anglos and English Learners of the same age live together for 9 days, providing our Learners with real life practice to develop their speaking, understanding and confidence in using English.

  • There are no teachers, lessons or books – just natural conversations in a variety of activities throughout the day
  • You will be able to help English Learners practise their English whether it be in a 1-to-1 or group discussion, doing arts and photography, playing sports, kayaking, going on a forest hike or simply relaxing by the swimming pool

“My children had the time of their lives at this camp! We are so happy that they both could be a part of this experience. Thank you Speak Teens!”

Julie Feldkamp-Pradhan, parent (USA)

Your Role

Your role as a Teen Anglo will be to talk, talk and talk some more – all in English of course!

You will need to:

  • Be friendly and supportive as Learners practise their English
  • Participate in discussions and explore all kinds of topics
  • Encourage Learners as they develop their confidence
  • Engage enthusiastically in the Camp programme
  • Help create a positive Camp community
  • In a nutshell: Be sociable, enthusiastic and have fun!


Commitments & Responsibilities

A Day at Speak

For Teen Anglos every day is about spending time with our Learners, chatting with them in English and boosting their language skills and confidence in speaking to native English speakers – something they might never have done before!

To make this summer truly memorable, you will be able to spend time together on a programme that includes:

  • Morning forest walk
  • One-to-one conversations
  • Creative projects
  • Team challenges
  • Sports & Swimming
  • Music & Dance
  • Storytelling
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Discos
  • Full day excursion

Why Summer Camp in Italy?

Come to Valbonella, set in the stunning natural environment and forested valleys of Emilia-Romagna in Italy for a summer you will never forget.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other teenagers your age from Italy and all around the world
  • Take part in a diverse and exciting programme
  • Learn about other cultures and people
  • Enjoy delicious food
  • Explore the incredible natural surroundings

Join us for an amazing summer camp experience – in Italy!


  Valbonella Camp Location

"My son had an amazing time in Italy. He enjoyed his time in Valbonella so much and came back buzzing with stories and experiences that will stay with him for life!"

Janine McNeil, parent (Scotland)
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