Commitments & Responsibilities


Speak Teens will be an unforgettable experience. It will be lots of fun and you will make friends for life from all around the world. To get the most out of the Summer Camp and for the experience to be a positive one, it’s important that you understand the Commitments and Rules of the Speak Teens Summer Camp that every participant must follow:

Anglo Commitments 

  • Be chatty, friendly and sociable to join our Summer Camp
  • Give your time to help English learners practice their English in real life situations
  • Participate in all elements of the Summer Camp
  • Contribute to activities, games and projects
  • Participate in discussions and be willing to explore topics
  • Talk about hobbies and interests and share stories
  • Be friendly and willing to support and encourage others to develop their confidence
  • Be patient and understanding with English learners
  • Help create a positive Camp community
  • In a nutshell: Be sociable, enthusiastic and have fun – all in English 

We expect the highest standards of behaviour from you and that you treat others with respect at all times. If you do not follow these rules set out below you may be asked to leave the Programme. We trust that you will have a positive attitude and one which helps create a positive Camp community. Here are our Golden Rules for a happy and welcoming Camp: 

Speak Teen Rules:

  • Treat other participants, staff members and the camp facilities with respect at all times
  • Be respectful of the cultures and traditions of other Camp participants
  • Always be on time and ready to get stuck in
  • Never leave the camp grounds unless supervised by a member of staff
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol