Staff & Welfare

Our Speak Staff

Our staff at Speak are experienced, energetic and passionate about making your summer one to remember.

Your Camp Directors are responsible for every aspect of camp life. Before the summer - at our Head Office - they are planning and preparing everything and will be there to ensure the camp runs smoothly and everyone is getting the most out of the Speak Camp experience.

Your Camp Leaders will be joining you every moment of the day, from wake up to bed time and all the activities, sessions, sport and fun in between. Your Camp Leaders will be there to make sure you are happy and enjoying every moment of Camp life.


At Speak we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We provide 24-hour care - our team of Camp Directors, Camp Leaders, House Parents and Welfare Coordinators supervise your stay and are available around the clock for whatever you need.

All of our on-site and off-site activities are always supervised by our experienced staff team, with the safety, wellbeing and happiness of our participants our top priority.

As well as our qualified First-Aid trained staff always at hand on-site, our Summer Camp location has agreements with nearby doctors as well as easy access to both dentist and hospital services.

Camp Communication

Our Summer Camp is all about speaking and socialising and so we discourage the use of mobile phones during programme sessions. There will of course be opportunities at various points during the day when you will be able to speak with family. This will be during your free time.

Valbonella has WIFI in communal areas so that you can contact family using WhatsApp or similar services. We also have a Speak contact phone which is active 24 hours a day for any emergencies.

In addition, our behind-the-scenes Support Staff are there to keep parents informed on Camp news and make sure parents and children can reach each other when necessary. We have both English and Italian speakers at the Camp and our Head Office.

Meal Times

Italy is world famous for its food and you can be sure you will be enjoying delicious meals during your stay.

We will have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day together in the bright and lovely dining room where you will enjoy wonderful Italian cuisine in the company of your new friends.

Meal times at Speak are not just about great food they’re also an opportunity to chat and socialise while always practising your English in a relaxing environment.

Vegetarian and most other dietary needs can be catered for.

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