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What is the Speak Summer Campus experience?

The Speak Summer Campus is a free 10-day summer programme in Italy for university and college students (aged 18 – 30), which brings together native English speakers like you, our “Anglos”, volunteers from all around the world and Italian students of English, in a wonderful location in the Italian Alps.

The Speak Summer Campus is a unique linguistic, social and cultural experience based on English conversation filled with days that are stimulating and fun, with no preparation on your part – all you need to do is speak English!

Our Anglos and Italian students, our Learners, live alongside each other, sharing the experience of an innovative and exciting summer programme, while immersing the Learners in a dynamic environment of natural English conversation.

We are looking for English-speaking students from around the world to volunteer with us as Anglos. We welcome applications from any study background and are particularly interested in Anglos who are studying or have experience in mechatronics, engineering, electronics, design or related fields.


Volunteer as an Anglo with us - what's in it for you?

  • A free, all-inclusive 10-day stay with food and accommodation in a wonderful location in Italy

  • Chance to meet students from all around the world, make friends and network

  • Build your CV through an international collaboration project

Please note: Anglo places at each Campus are limited and we advise you to apply as early as possible in order to secure a place.



Language Immersion

Speak Summer Campus

We focus on the language skills of speaking and listening through natural conversation, supported by lessons and workshops led by our experienced teaching team. Through a series of one-to-one conversations, social time and a range of activities, games and practical challenges, you will be helping Italians to develop their English fluency and confidence naturally.

Social Experience

Rafting Summer Campus

The social experience is an important part of every day of the Campus - whether enjoying a delicious meal, sharing a coffee break, trekking in the forest, on excursion, participating in activities during social time or simply taking in the natural surroundings. After dinner social time provides the opportunity to participate in fun and lively evening entertainment. 

Unique location

Hotel Rifugio Sores

Rigufio Sores is located in the beautiful Alpine setting of the Val di Non in Trentino

Sores is the ideal location for our English Summer Campus and is home to the Sores Adventure Park and a range of sporting and leisure facilities, a spa, shop, en-suite accommodation and a dining room offering the best of local cuisine.

The Speak Summer Campus

summer campus timetable
Cuccovillo students

Our Italian Learners

Learners at the Speak Summer Campus 2022 are young people in their first and second year of studying mechatronics at a nationally-renowned technical college in Bari, southern Italy.

Our Italian Learners are coming to Speak specifically to improve their competence in speaking and listening through natural conversations with native English speakers (our "Anglos"), helping them develop their skills for their future careers.


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